Our Leadership

Our Clinical Director is a graduate of the Walden University with an MS in Education and MA in Professional Counseling at AFIW, Naples, Italy. She has over 10 years of Counseling Ministry experience. Her work experience includes Research.
Her vision for a Messianic Counseling Shelter began in 2009, and is seeing fulfillment in the מַחֲסֶה שֶׁל תִּקְוָה (machaseh shel tik’vah) - Shelter of Hope and Lay Counseling Training Program.
She is training lay counselors within the body of the Messiah which are fully committed believers, established in the Word of Hashem (God) and relying on the gifting of the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) in conjunction with training in Messianic Biblical Counseling. All lay counselors have extensive ministry experience. They all receive on-going supervision and mentoring.

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