A Gift of Machaseh Shel Tikvah - Shelter of Hope for Counseling

In honor of all Women of Valor in our lives and in the world who have been contributi

Baruch Atah Adonai A 30 Days Path to Your Miracle

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Dear Friends and Families in Moshiach Ben David,


Good news, Family in Yeshua!

               We are launching our New Friendship Circle that extends a h

Shalom, dear beloved sisters and friends,

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15 February 2022

Daily Torah Meditation 02 15 2022: 

2022-01-01 20:06:00


BARUCH ATAH ADONAI is a book Hashem asked me to develop in faith

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New Year New Social Services for all of our family and friends

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Care and Hospitality Service / Day Care / Counseling at our Headquarters of Machaseh shel Tikvah (Shelter of Hope) for Counseling in

Shalom to all of you dear beloved ones and welcome to Wisdom (Chochma in Hebrew Deuteronomy 34:9), our upcoming First Bundle for the New Year 5782 Courses pa