A Gift of Machaseh Shel Tikvah - Shelter of Hope for Counseling

In honor of all Women of Valor in our lives and in the world who have been contributing to our faith, values, and strength from generation to generation, we want to share a Gift for all Women who are attending our Free Counseling Services for May 2024.

The Calendar (location Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA) is available in both English and Hebrew, also adapted to the headquarters (Perugia, Italy), with helpful printable references to the Woman of Valor Prayer and song, recited every Erev Shabbat from the head of the family. In the Calendar, you will find Shabbat Candle Lighting, Fasting, Main Feasts Observation, Torah Portions Commentaries, and more. 

Please contact us via email at contact@machasehsheltikvah.org to redeem your CODE to access the Free Brief Counseling Sessions Plan for the Women of Valor May 2024.

Machaseh Shel Tikvah Admin Office