New Year New Social Services for all of our family and friends


Village of Hope & Justice Ministry


School year 2021/2022

Machaseh Shel Tikvah Daycare Service is open starting the second half of October 2021.

Please subscribe via email requesting the form and specifying the type of Service you might need for your family and friends writing to


Our Newly Upcoming Programs:

(Ima in Hebrew means Mom) and me (12 – 36 months)

FALL Session

Choose Between

Wednesday OR Thursday

9:30 - 10:45 am

October 17 - December 16

Cost: $90 for 9 classes.

(No class week of Thanksgiving)

Your child will enjoy songs, art, snacks all with the comfort of parent on hand.  Classes are held outdoors when possible, and if inside, the area is large so that every family can remain socially distanced, and adults must wear masks.

Baby Class

Enjoy music for babies and discussions for moms.

Join us to learn Messianic Jewish parenting tips & share ideas with other mothers on the philosophies and values you want to set for your child.

Tuesdays: 1:00 pm- 2:00 pm

Ages 1 month - 9 months

October 17 - Nov 17

Cost: $50

Outside when possible

Social Distancing when Indoors and Green Pass required for moms and attendants over 12 years old (Perugia, Italy)

Email with any questions

Heder Malva Italia (3 – 12 years old) Subscription Form and Program Details HERE

Devash Magazine (3 – 12 years old) Subscription and Partnership Request HERE

New Yeshiva Ghedullah Teens Day Care and IMBI Studies (13-18 Years old) Subscription Form and Program Details HERE

Young Adults IMBI Studies (25 -35 Years old) Yad Torah on the Tap Day Care Subscription HERE

New Messianic Jewish Married Couples Counseling and Messianic Jewish Marriage Preparation Program Subscription Form and Program Details HERE

Adults Messianic Jewish Counseling Sessions and Studies, also IMBI Studies Program (36 – 70 years old) Subscription Form and Program Details HERE

New Elderly Day Care Sessions and Studies (over 71 years old) Subscription Form and Program Details HERE

Machaseh Shel Tikvah (One to One and Small Group Counseling Sessions) Subscription Form and Program Details HERE

Blessings in Moshiach Yeshua,

Messianic Hebrew School Director at Heder Malva Italia & Machaseh Shel Tikvah: Dr. Gavriela Frye

IMBI (Italian Messianic Bible Institute) Executive Director: Rabbi Harel Frye

From Sunday to Thursday 8:00-15:00.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Based on the public-school calendar (Italy) we will also be closed on:

School Year 2021-2022 (Italy)

School Holidays



First Day of School

17 Oct 2021


All Saints Holidays

1 Nov 2021

2 Nov 2021

Christmas Holidays

23 Dec 2021

6 Jan 2022

Easter Holidays

14 Apr 2022

19 Apr 2022

Last Day of School

9 Jun 2022


Please see the Jewish Calendar for this year 2021/2022 for the Jewish Holidays Observance dates and times in USA and in Italy.



Our US. Headquarters will be maintaining an Online Schedule (on a Zoom Platform) from Sunday 18 October 2021 until December 17 2021. Please contact us for any questions on the US HQ Program and Subscription Form.