Messianic Jewish Bible Study Master Class Parasha Re’eh

A Conversation on The Temple And The Binding Of Isaac

The Significance Of Mount Moriah In The Tanakh

Shalom and welcome to our Master Class on Parasha Re’eh, (Audio)

I am Dr. Gavriela Frye and I have invited Rabbi Harel Frye today to have a very special time together having a conversation on Parasha Re’Eh focusing on a particular aspect of the Parasha Re’eh: The Temple and The binding of Isaac, the significance of Mount Moriah in the Tanach.

Join us at Machaseh Shel Tikvah on Sunday 08 August 2021 at 7.00 PM Colorado (MT), USA   

I invite you also to watch our previous Messianic Bible Studies on the Moshiach in the Binding of Isaac that explains the connection between the binding of Isaac and Yeshua HaMashiach.


We all know that back in Bereshit (Genesis), Abraham attempted to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice... but do you know where Abraham did that? The specific location? Hashem (G-d) tells him to do it atop a mountain in eretz Moriah, the land of Moriah. And interestingly, that place "Moriah" comes up in one other place in the Torah* – and one place only: to refer to the mountain where the Beit HaMikdash, the Holy Temple, would be built. And that brings us to Parshat Re’Eh, where we find a whole bunch of laws about that very mountain: about how that's the one place in the whole world where Hashem (G-d) wants us to bring our sacrifices, and how we can't build altars anywhere else.

So... Abraham tried to offer his son as a sacrifice to Hashem (G-d) atop Mount Moriah, and then Abraham's descendants would be asked to offer their sacrifices to Hashem (G-d) atop the same mountain. Is it just a coincidence?

In this special Master Class conversation, Dr. Gavriela and Rabbi Harel Frye explore the many more links between Parshat Re’Eh and Abraham's story... and arrive at some pretty surprising conclusions.

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