Shalom, dear beloved sisters and friends,

            We are starting this year 5782, during this time of trial and tribulation part of the end times, a specific Havurah, both online and in-person (depending on the Covid 19 regulations of the local area), among others we already started, specifically devoted to Women. As Judaism teaches us, we as Jewish Women and Daughters of Hashem, retain a special relationship with Him. Judaism describes us as precious and closer to Him, with a special intimacy with Him.

             Just like Esther in her time and generation, I have found myself exposed to the judgment of this world that condemns us as Jews and believers in the One of Israel, accused with false accusations to destroy not only my life but my integrity, beliefs. Now, more than ever, I sense it is the time to stand and proclaim our faith in Hashem, our beliefs in Him, interceding for those of us who have no voice and who are going through hardship, trials, and tribulations. Many of us as I do, search for answers through their beloved Rabbis and faithfully stay beside their husbands with much faith and endurance. This is the time to position ourselves as Daughters of the Highest, gather together, and testify our faith in Hashem, asking for His wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to proceed on the path He has prepared for us as members of the Jewish Community worldwide. This is a time for the Daughters of Zion to stand for our people Israel and defend our unity and beliefs!

             This new month of Adar 5782 has started with much pain, sorrow as many people have been accused to share their beliefs and lost their jobs as I have, others are under trial, also in prison for our faith. This does not have to discourage, us, but strengthen our faith in Hashem, and let us stay united as Mashiach is coming soon. Until then, dear friends and sisters, we have to stand for our beliefs, pray without ceasing, study and meditate the Torah day and night, intercede for Israel and our Jewish Community to follow Hashem’s will and Passover, which means make Aliyah, returning to Zion, that we as women and members of the Jewish Community highly support through our Daughter of Zion Project. Practically, we have to be there for those in need of help during this time of transition, in our local, national, international setting, to be a weapon against the evil of this world, covering our role as women of Hashem, Daughters of Zion, mothers, sisters, part of a great Jewish Community through our the world. Among others, the following are the activities we are going to pursue during our weekly gathering as follows: Women Torah Studies, Fellowship, Aruchat Adonai, Torah Based Events, Messianic Jewish Counseling for Women, Project Daughters of Zion. Please click Here to know more about our first gathering and events Calendar!

             This new month of Adar 5782 starts with an Intercession Prayer for our Jewish Sisters in Ukraine, which are standing for their faith, members of the Jewish Community of Ukraine, while slowly Hashem is bringing them to Israel through the Aliyah process. Many Ukrainian have remained in Ukraine, wanting to defend their land. While we understand this desire to defend the land there are living in, as Jewish Women, we know, that we are called to be back to Israel as Jews among Jews. Hashem wishes for all of us Jews to be in the land of Israel, united with the rest of our people, out of the nations. This is the time of Redemption!

Please find below the Prayer Point for this Month of Adar 5782 to join us in prayer for the Ukrainian Jewish Sisters and their communities:

For the Jewish Community in Ukraine who are being affected by this crisis. May they be protected and be able to be a light and encouragement at this time.

For the people of Ukraine, who face a bloody invasion and occupation of their country; and for wisdom for their President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (who is Jewish).

For the Jewish population of Ukraine. Many elderly Holocaust Survivors still live in Ukraine and there is a thriving Jewish community there.

Against the evil, devilish motivations of greed and pride that seem to be motivating Putin to seek war. May he repent of his actions which have the potential to cause untold suffering to millions and potentially cause tens of thousands of deaths.

            For an immediate end to this Russian invasion of Ukraine.

For wisdom and courage for Western and other world leaders to stand against this Russian aggression.

            For many to repent of their sins, turn to Hashem and find mercy and redemption.


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Blessings and Honor to the One of Israel

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